Wagering Requirements

The Mystery of Bonus Wagering Requirements

With the current trend of online casinos, it’s not a surprise that casinos give bigger bonuses than ever. However, there is a catch with every bonus and people often forget about it. It’s not a secret that there are wagering requirements when it comes to bonuses. But what exactly is a wagering requirement?

Wagering requirements are the steps you need to follow in order to withdraw your winning from bonuses. You will often need to make a large profit from bonuses before they let you withdraw your bonus. This happens because online casinos obviously can’t afford to give every member of the casino free money to withdraw without any conditions.

Let’s say that you deposit 50$ in an online casino with a 200% bonus. This means that you will gain 150$ with your money included. The terms may be that you will need to make for example a total profit of 500$ to unlock your bonus money for withdrawing. Another way for online casinos to unlock your bonuses is through more investment in the casino. This means that you will have to deposit money regularly in order to unlock your bonus.

You may think that it is a scam after the big promises a casino makes. However, this is not the case. It is perfectly legal to give bonuses with certain conditions. Even though it’s pain after you have been promised to get a massive bonus to get tricked, it’s entirely your fault if you haven’t read the terms and conditions. Most of the complains come from people who haven’t read the rules during registration. It’s a common mistake and many people get surprised when they find out about the wagering requirements.

Mathematically speaking, you can calculate your wagering requirement before you start playing with your bonus. Knowing this can help you pick the right casino for you and have the best bonus available. So to learn this super easy but boring you need to know just a little bit of maths. For example, if you find an online casino with an 80$ bonus when you make your first deposit of minimum 20$ with a playthrough of 5x. This means that you will need to do so: Casino bonus (80$) x Wagering requirement (5) = Wager total (400$). If the terms say that you need to include your deposit too you will need to do so: (Casino bonus (80$) + Deposit (20$)) x Wagering requirement (5) = Wager total (500$).

You should always read the terms and conditions before registering to the site. It’s far more important than the actual bonus because you won’t be able to get a great bonus, instead of taking the small one. Choosing the right online casino is hard work for experienced gamblers. You can, however, always trust online sites and reviewers, because many times they consist of already experienced players and gamblers, who can help you choose the right casino.

Be careful and responsible when it comes to online casino gambling and always remember that the main goal of online gambling is having fun.