Cashback Casino Bonuses Wagering Requirements

The Mathematics Behind a Casino Bonus Computation

Almost every online casino offers sweet bonuses to its members. With all this competition against them, finding the best one for you is a bit hard. Casino bonuses don’t work in a mysterious way for our pleasure and we can calculate exactly how much will we get and at what cost. There are some formulas for online casino bonuses.

Welcome bonuses

From all the bonuses, welcome bonuses are the most common. They give you this bonus on your first deposit. They usually give you a percentage of your deposit up to a certain amount. Let’s say you have a 100% bonus for up to 100$ with wagering requirements for 30x playthrough condition. Calculating 100$ x 30 will give you the minimum of bets you have to place before withdrawing.

Should you accept a bonus

Whether or not to get a casino bonus is a very difficult decision. It depends on many things. If you don’t want to spend a lot of time in a certain casino, the bonus won’t help you at all. In addition to the fact that the game is not made for you to win, the bonus rules often tend to give you a games limit to withdraw it. If you plan to stay at the casino for longer, the bonus can really help you to boost your bankroll.

If a game slot gives an average of 95% payout and you have a 100$ bonus, then all you will be able to do is 2000$. it goes like this: 100$/(1-0.95)=2000$. On another hand even if you make the required 3000$ to withdraw them chances are that you will be 150$ behind. 3,000$*(1-0.95) = 150$. Even if you have used the full bonus, you will be 50$ behind. Looking at it that way doesn’t really give you the impression that they will help you anyhow with a bonus. It is not worth it to take the bonus if that’s the condition. Always calculate the chances when you take a certain bonus so you won’t get behind really quick.

Sticky bonuses are growing in popularity because they give a real chance to have some profit from them. They give you some money that you can’t understand but can play with. The chances to win from a sticky bonus are just 50%, but that is actually really good for a casino game. Look out for them if you want to have a real chance of winning with a bonus and not just lose another amount of cash. If you have 100$ from your deposit and 100$ from the bonus and want to increase your balance to 400$, ($100+$100)/$400 = 50% gives you the chances of your winning.

Cashback bonuses

Cashback bonuses are actually the only favorable bonus. You can use it only when you lose some of your money, but it still gives you free money. It works like that: losing 50$ in a casino with 20% cashback bonus will return 10$ to your balance. It gives you a great opportunity to continue playing the game and minimize your losses at a given extent. Mathematically with 20% cashback bonus, the math expectancy of your winning increases with 0.4%. This can be a lot if you play at an online casino a lot.